Technical SEO Consultant Services

Technical optimisations in SEO are a vital part of any SEO campaign and should never be overlooked.

Technical SEO ensures your website is in the best possible shape for when a Search Engine conducts its crawls. Read more below for the Technical optimisation services we offer.

What's Technical SEO?

In short, Technical SEO is the practice of working with a website to make sure it is set up correctly and following SEO best practices. 

This involves optimising areas such as:

  • Technical on-page SEO
  • Site loading speed
  • Responsiveness for mobile or tablet devices
  • Ensuring the structure of the site is following a logical format.

Why is Technical SEO important?

Technical SEO is such an important factor for any and all SEO campaigns because it ensures that a Search Engine can discover, crawl and index your website more easily and reward you for it.

At the end of the day, all of the ranking factors that Google has published and people have theorised over the years are centred around providing a great user experience. Therefore, by following Technical SEO best practices you’re doing just that whilst also making a Search Engine spider’s life a little bit easier. 

Think of it this way – if you owned a shop that you know sells great products, would that alone be enough to see it succeed? Absolutely not; there’s a bag of other things to consider, including wanting to make sure your customer can understand and navigate your store with ease. The same goes for search engines.

We know that Technical SEO can come across as a bit of a dry subject, especially to those who aren’t technically minded – but we love it! Not only do we enjoy doing it, but we enjoy helping people understand it and the benefits it can bring to your search visibility. That’s why our recommendations and strategies are bullet proof and can be justified. No “finger in the air” guessing.

Our Technical SEO processes ensures your website is set up in the best possible way for when a Search Engine conducts its crawls. The below areas break down what’s involved in Technical SEO and the benefits they can bring.

What's involved in Technical SEO?

Technical SEO Consultancy

We understand that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should never be considered a “one off” piece of work. That’s why we offer an ongoing Technical SEO consutlancy service that ensures your website maintains its long-term health benefits and can adapt for any Google Algorithm or market updates that may come your way.

In-Depth Technical Audit

As a first step in any Technical SEO campaign, we ensure to complete a 100+ point Technical SEO checklist against your website and its associated analytics software (such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console) to identify and omit any detrimental technical issues that will impact your website’s visibility in Search Engines.

Website Migrations

Website migrations can be a delicate and tricky process; that’s why we offer Technical support pre-migration, during migration and post-migration to ensure that no mistakes are made that negatively impact your rankings and subsequent traffic and sales from Search Engines. This includes anything from CMS (Content Management System) migrations to new domain migrations.

Website Structure & Architecture Review

The structure of your website is paramount to ensuring a Search Engine can crawl and navigate your website’s pages in the most efficient way possible. As well as this, it ensures your customer’s journey is as clean as it can be. We’ll conduct a complete structural and architectural analysis of your website to ensure its pages are discoverable in the most logical way.

Google Penalty Recovery

Some practices that webmasters have followed historically aren’t stood for anymore and you may have been punished for them. This includes the use of link farms to generate high volumes of backlinks to your website or deceiving search engines by stuffing keywords in to a page. Our Google Penalty Recovery service ensures your rankings recover as best as possible.

Mobile SEO

From March 2018, Google gradually introduced mobile-first indexing and as of July 2019 all new websites have mobile-first indexing enabled by default. This means that Google prioritises the mobile version of your website over the desktop version, so we ensure your website is responsive and provides a good user experience for mobile users as it’s never been more important.

International SEO

International SEO is the practice of setting up your website to be better targeted towards international search engines. Some areas included are: any necessary changes to the structure of your website; the use of regional targeting tags and updates to the language used in content. This all ensures your website is as visible as possible in an international search engine.

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Other SEO Services

Traditional SEO

Improving your website's rankings in search engines and your website's Organic traffic from the search engine results page. This is carried out using tried and tested methodologies across Technical, Content and Link Building.

International SEO

International SEO is the process of improving your rankings in more than one country's search engines. We can help you carry out the entire process and achieve great results in international search engines.

Local SEO

Local SEO is improving your website and business' visibility in search engines for localised search queries. We ensure your website and its associated search engine business features are following best practice.