Local SEO Services

If you’re a business that relies on local website traffic to generate leads, sales or foot fall, then you definitely need to consider your local SEO strategy.

At the end of the day, how do you expect prospective customers to get in touch with you if you’re making it difficult for them to find you? We can help put your business on the map.

What's Local SEO?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) refers to optimising a website to appear more prominently in search engines for location themed search queries relating to your business.

Say you’re a local pet shop, a location themed search query could be anything from “pet shop near me” to “dry dog food in Manchester”.

We’re here to make sure that your business is properly setup to appear more prominently in the search engine results page for these types of search queries.

Why is Local SEO important?

Local SEO is incredibly important if you’re a local business that relies on local customers to purchase goods or services either in-store, online or over the telephone.

Local SEO ensures you have a fighting chance of appearing in front of your customers as they conduct localised search queries relating to your business.  If you can show your face and prove you’re a reputable brand, the more likely you are to drive custom either in-store or online.

How do I optimise for localised search?

A perfect question.

First of all, we’d recommend ensuring your website is following the best practices of Traditional SEO. After that, there’s a few key areas to focus on and optimise for best results:

  • Google/Bing Business Listings – these appear on the right-hand side of localised search queries and it’s critical to ensure they’re setup correctly and follow best practice guidelines
  • Localised landing pages – setting up individual landing pages for each of your business’ physical locations is important for ranking for search queries related to that location
  • Google/Bing map listings – creating a map listing for your business to build trust with search engines and make it easier for customers to find you

As well as this, there needs to be a significant focus on ensuring consistency with business details across the board – this makes it easier for search engines to digest and serve details to the customer.

Our Local SEO Process

All good agencies are process driven and we’re no different. Below is a breakdown of our local SEO process:

Business Listings

Ensuring the appropriate Google/Bing business listings are set up and following best practices to appear for localised search.

Map Listings

Setting up or optimising existing Google or Bing map listings so that we build trust with search engines and make it easier or users to find you.

Localised Landing Pages

Creating individual landing pages for each physical location of your business to ensure your website ranks well for search terms related to that location


Making all details relating to your business are consistent between your website and various localised search features. This includes contact details and opening hours.

Fancy getting in touch?

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