Our Services

Below is  a breakdown of the services we offer, each delivered to the highest possible standard and backed up with years of industry experience across a vast array of verticals.
No fluff, no false promises, just conscientious work that drives real results.

Traditional SEO

Optimising your website to increase its rankings primarily in one country’s search engine.

This is done by ensuring your website is sound from a technical perspective, modifying existing content and creating new, relevant content to appeal for your key search terms and generating high quality inbound links to increase your credibility.

International SEO

So, you’re a business that operates in multiple countries and want to be more competitive in their search engines?

We make sure your website has a solid Traditional SEO grounding and then conduct the necessary optimisations to make you more visible, relevant and attractive to international search engines. 

Local SEO

“Putting your business on the map”. Sounds cheesy, but it’s actually a good way of summarising what Local SEO is.

We work with your website to ensure it’s set up in the correct way to appear for localised searches that are relevant to your business. As well as this, we ensure any associated business or map listings are accurate and properly optimised.

Fancy getting in touch?

We offer free top-line SEO audits for your business if you’re wanting just a taste of what Mac & Hat has to offer. No strings attached. Just click the button and fill in a few bits about your business and we’ll crack on.