SEO Consulting Services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Basically, getting your website ranking as high in a Search Engine as possible. 
As an SEO agency, we work collaboratively with you to achieve great Search Engine performance.

Traditional SEO

Improving your rankings in search engines and increasing website traffic from the search engine results page, using tried and tested methodologies.

International SEO

Working with multi-national businesses to optimise and structure their websites for ranking higher in multiple search engines, across the globe.

Local SEO

Putting your business on the map. We help drive localised traffic by making sure that customers can find your local business in search engines.

So... Mac & Hat?

Great name, right? 

Well, I guess that’s debatable. Maybe it makes you think of an inspector examining evidence with a magnifying glass, or maybe it makes you think of Paddington Bear. We like to think it represents the essentials; a Macintosh to keep you warm and a hat to keep you dry… or perhaps for style. 

Either way, a name’s just a name. What really matters is what’s behind it. We’re proud of being genuine, conscientious and great at what we do. No blagging, no over promising and under delivering. Just solid work that actually makes a difference.

Just a taste of what we've achieved for our clients

Macpactor are a family-run compaction technology business operating primarily out of the UK & US. They were struggling to compete for ranking in Search Engines, and that’s where we stepped in.

"I was delighted with the professionalism, expertise and the speed of results delivered by Mac & Hat."
Neil McCartney
Managing Director

Fancy getting in touch?

We offer free top-line SEO audits for your business if you’re wanting just a taste of what Mac & Hat has to offer. No strings attached. Just click the button and fill in a few bits about your business and we’ll crack on.

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